How long will the Polished Plaster last?
All of our work comes with a 5 year warranty, but we expect the plaster to last well beyond that, 10+ years.

What colours can I have?
Colours vary depending on the type of plaster you choose. There are a wide range of colours and finishes no matter which plaster you choose.

What finishes are available?
Finishes depend on the type of plaster you choose. Plasters are available in smooth, coarse, and mirror-like finishes.

How long does the job take?
Depending on the size of the wall, an interior wall will generally take several hours to complete.

How long does the plaster take to dry?
Polished plaster is usually touch dry within the hour. You can be back to work that afternoon.

Can you carry out the work out of hours so as to minimise disruption to our business?
Yes we can: after hours and weekends are no problem.

Are your plasters environmentally friendly?
Yes. We use plasters from Dulux Acratex, all of which have been rigorously tested by BSI to ensure they meet GECA’s environmental standards.